Various Differences Between Pickleball and Badminton

You would be familiar with the game of badminton as it is being popular for ages around the world. However, there is another game named pickleball that has a few similarities with badminton along with a mix of other games also that is becoming popular in recent times. Many professionals like Dike Ajiri are also being part-time players of pickleball. Although the game resembles badminton in a few aspects, there are several differences between the two. Let us discuss a few of these differences.

Equipment used

The primary point in every game is the type of equipment needed to play the games. In this case, pickleball is drastically different from badminton. In pickleball, a paddle is used to hit the ball. This paddle will be somewhat huge but will look similar to a ping-pong paddle. It is mostly made of wood. However, in badminton, a netted racquet is used. The handle of the racquet will be lengthy and the circumference of the racquet’s top will be considerable small. The next difference is with the ball. Pickleball uses a ball that closely resembles a tennis ball with lightweight. Badminton will not have a ball but would have a shuttlecock that looks like feathers bound together with a cork.

Play area

Although the court looks similar in both games, the play area of badminton will be huge than pickleball. So, the distance between the two players would be high in the former. Also, you should run wider to hit the shuttlecock during the game. Not that much width or length would be there in a pickleball court. Also, there will be differences in the placement of net in both courts. In pickleball, the net will start from the ground and would go up to a specific height. However, a badminton net will be suspended above a few inches from the ground. So, the badminton players should hit the cock higher to get it past the net. Pickleball players will need only a little effort to clear the nets.


In pickleball, the ability to score a point will only be there for the one who is serving at the moment. However, both players or sides have the equal possibility of scoring a point regardless of the server. Also, the pickleball will mostly be played for 11 points, while the badminton’s target points would be 21 for each round. Comparatively, it will be tedious to score a point in pickleball.

Ball’s contact with the ground

If you are playing pickleball, you should serve such that the ball goes to the opponent after a bounce. Also, you should see a bounce during the first stroke of the opponent. However, the bounce of the shuttlecock is not considered in badminton. Whenever the cock touches the ground, the player standing on that side would lose a point if it touches within the boundaries.

Type of strokes

In pickleball, you could not make overhand strokes as the gameplay is filled with underhand strokes alone. However, badminton demands both types of strokes depending on the situation of the game.

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