Factors Differentiating Pickleball from Tennis and Badminton

Tennis and badminton are widely played for a long time than pickleball. However, if someone knows about pickleball, his choice between the three would mostly be pickleball due to a range of reasons. If you look generally, all three games would have more similarities to each other. Although all the games are fun and helpful in various aspects, the minute differences between them matter a lot. If you know these differences well, you can make better choices in your selection of the right game. People like Dike Ajiri, who think pickleball is more suitable, are playing the game professionally. If you also want to do it professionally, it is necessary to know the factors that are differentiating the game from tennis and badminton. This article would list these factors in brief.

Efforts – The primary factor of differentiation is the overall effort required during the game. You can play pickleball with less effort. However, you could not do the same in tennis or badminton. For instance, you will not move much in pickleball as the distance between the two players will be less and as the strokes are always underhand. However, you cannot even expect a specific type of stroke in the other two games. Also, the distance between you and the opponent will be longer and wider than pickleball. So, you will keep on running and using your full force while you are at the edges. Overall, you will get exhausted easily in tennis and badminton. However, pickleball will not consume much of your energy.

Courts – Another major factor of difference is the court and the elements on it. Tennis and badminton will be played on longer and wider courts, whereas, pickleball will be played in a comparatively tiny court. You can even convert any other space into your pickleball court as the game does not demand proper bounce or much space. Also, the height and placement of the net will differ with these games. Badminton’s net will be on the air, while the tennis net will be lengthier than that of pickleball although both of them start from the ground.

Equipment – The next big differentiation factor is the equipment of the three games. In pickleball, your bat will look like an enlarged paddle made of wood. In tennis, you will be using a hard racquet made of a strong material that would be suitable for impactful strokes. In badminton, the racquet will be somewhat lighter but lengthier that is suitable to strike the shuttlecock. A similar kind of ball will be used in both tennis and pickleball. However, the latter’s ball will be light. Badminton will be played with the shuttlecock, a different material.

Complexity of the game – The next difference is the complexity of the three games. Tennis and badminton will have different scoring methods. Also, beginners could not play well without practice. However, even the first-timer can play equally to an experienced player in pickleball. The scoring method will also be cool in pickleball. So, you can say that pickleball is easy to understand and play.

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