A Beginners Guide to Pickleball

When we hear mention of the word “pickleball”, you would immediately think of the food and object rather than a sport. As the name implies, pickleball is a sport involving the use of a ball to play, it is very similar in nature with badminton, tennis and table tennis and actually combines all three to form a unique sport.

Pickleball has been rising into popularity as of late with several professional players such as Dike Ajiri coming into the scene and playing the game in a competitive level. If you happen to be interested with trying out the game, be it a one-of time or taking it as a genuine hobby but don’t know where to start, then look no more than this article here as we go over how to get started to be a pickleball player.

Getting to Know Pickleball

As we previously mentioned, pickleball is a relay sports where one side uses a paddle to pass the ball over to the other side until one side fails a return, resulting to the opposing team receiving a point. It follows the same formula the likes of tennis but instead of rackets, paddles similar to that of table tennis is used in place of it. The sport can also be played indoors or outdoors and don’t require as much space as tennis.

Picking the Right Tools and Equipment

As with all sports, it is essential to be able to have the equipment and tools used to play the game. Fortunately for pickleball, its financial entry barrier is small and only require the core essentials.

  1. Pickleball Paddles and Ball

Along with the ball, together they are the important things to have to start a game of pickleball. Although it is possible to rent these two at specialized facilities, it is not a bad idea to invest on a personal set.

Balls used for the sport usually come in sets and are usually made of light plastic. Having a set of 3 or 6 is enough to last for several months and as the material is made of purely plastic, it is very durable and capable of lasting several months.

As for the paddles, it is recommended for beginners to make use of composite paddles over wooden ones despite the price difference. This is because wooden paddles are heavier thus harder to swing consistently

  • Durable Shoes

Sport shoes are frequently overlooked as an important piece of equipment but you should always consider getting a set of durable shoes meant for sports and rigorous movement. This is because using regular running shoes can compromise your safety on top of permanently damaging the shoes.

Knowing the Playing Field

The last tip for beginners should know is being familiar with the playing field. Pickleball courts are very similar to tennis courts measuring to about 20×44 feet with a low rising net only about 34” in size.

Furthermore, the field consists of 2 equal sized squares on each side which represents each player’s position in the event of a 4-player match. During a 4-player match, the field will look considerably smaller and its mostly due to the size and how players are positioned as you are side-by-side your partner like in table tennis as opposed to the parallel positioning badminton and tennis feature.

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