4 Health Benefits of Pickleball for your Golden Years

Since 2018 up to recent times, Paddleball has been experiencing a rise in popularity and player base with hobbyist and enthusiast playing the sport to relax or have fun, while others such as Dike Ajiri playing it professionally and competitively similar to tennis.

While the game has only been gaining an increase in popularity as of late, the game itself has been around for quite some time. Aside from the younger generation, seniors and adults in their golden ages make the major demographic of the game and for good reason. Pickleball aside from being a fun game to play comes with several health benefits that you should take note and consider when you plan to play the game.

  1. An Increase in Cardiorespiratory Fitness

This benefit is probably the forefront one among the rest and for good reason. Like tennis and badminton, pickleball is a sport that makes use of your entire body to move around to get from one point to another in quick succession. It also involves having to perform different actions in rapid succession.

All of that contributes to an increase of cardiorespiratory fitness as performing the sport produces the same result as a person going on a jog. This is particularly helpful for the seniors as compared to the badminton and tennis, pickleball is less intensive allowing time for them to adjust and keep up with the pace of the match

  • It Improve One’s Blood Pressure

Pickleball before being a sport played for competition is an activity one can do for leisure and to pass the time. Because of this it can provide a sense of peace and relaxation despite being in the heat of a match.

This improves your blood pressure as you get to release and take of any stress and tension accumulated from the week. It also moves and stretches your body which gives time for your body and muscles to stretch and refresh itself from having to stay in uncomfortable positions for extended periods of time such as spending the entire week sitting in front of your computer at work or home.

  • Pickleball provides a mean to socialize with others

We humans are social creatures, having to keep yourself occupied with no one around can get very boring and mentally draining especially for extended periods of time. It is important for us to stay interconnected with other people and pickleball is a perfect way to meet new people and bond with old ones.

As time passes, it gets harder to socialize and meet new people as you might not have as much time as you had before. Pickleball allows for you to meet new people and even play a game with or against them. The time you spent for fun or for exercise doubles as social activity and engagement.

  • Pickleball improves mental health

In relation to the previous entry, pickleball can allow you have a better mental state as it gives you time to relax from things that can cause you stress. It keeps your mind off things and allows it time to recharge and refresh itself so it can be able to face the problem without too much trouble.

Playing a sport allows you to feel more energized and less down and depressed. When some sports seem to difficult or hard to start, pickleball is always a great option to try because it is fun for all ages and not hard to get into.

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