4 Game Winning Tips for Pickleball

dike ajiri

If you are on this page then you have made the right first step to admit your weakness in pickleball game and seek to improve in the same. The quality of a player is mainly determined by the intensity of practice they put in. According to Dike Ajiri becoming a professional is never that easy as you first have to learn the basics of the game, play for a while as you design new strategies to use in your game. In the game of pickleball, players can be single on each side or double based on how many participants are in. In order to get and maintain your points, the following are some useful tips that can get you success.

Plan your attack and defense

The funny thing about pickleball is your glory may be short lived especially if you cannot maintain your strikes. The attacking position is most fun however you might need to defend as soon as you can and that just makes it interesting for professionals. You should therefore study the game and switch when needed to by knowing when to attack and also when you have to defend the points you already have by serving the ball as needed.

Communication skills are necessary

When working with a partner in the game of pickleball, they need to know the areas that you have covered. There is a lot of movement during the game and it could be disastrous to make assumptions that will mitigate your points in the game. Ideal communication is as such a must to ensure that you understand each other during the game and each participant knows when it is their turn to hit the ball. You ultimately save yourself from losing your points by establishing clear communication patterns. You can also design strategies and cues with your partner of when to stay on defensive and when to go deep in attacking.

Dink it

Why do professional players dink when they are playing pickleball? The first reason is to make the shots un-attackable for the opponents. The other reason why professionals dink a lot is to keep their opponents off balance during the game. Once your competitors are out of position, it becomes very hard for them to return attack serves as they focus on defense while you improve your attacking shots. Avoid making dink mistakes for instance hitting high when that allows your opponent to make the best of the shots.

Be ready always

Just like most games, the pace of pickleball adjusts as players get deeper into the game. You will notice that slow dinks might change to rapid serves which you will have to maintain to protect your points. Have your paddle up at all times especially when you have made your move into the kitchen. There are several body postures to practice like keeping your back straight and knees bent. The paddle you are using also needs to be out in front of you rather than being tucked in.

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