3 Things You Should Know About Pickleball

dike ajiri

 If you have not heard of pickleball before, you are not alone, there are not so many places where this new game is played. The name might be silly but the game is quite catchy and has different elements of ping pong, bad Minton and tennis.  Just like most of the listed games, this game can be played either by singles or doubles. Other than playing for entertainment, people also play pickleball to get some of the health benefits that comes from playing it. Read on below to find out the reasons why Dike Ajiri thinks pickleball is a great game for you to try today.

Played either indoors or outdoors

From the introductory paragraph, you will learn that pickleball almost resembles a number of games like ping pong which can be played inside and tennis game which can be plated outdoors. The game is fun for playing inside the house when the weather outside is adverse or when you want to have some great time when the weather allows it. The holes on a pickleball make it move just fine regardless of the environment it is being played on. You should also be keen to choose the balls that are best recommended for either of the surrounding when shopping for Pickleballs.

Only score when on serve

There is the serving team and the receiving team in pickle ball and not all of them can score. To the surprise of many amateurs, points are won only if you are on the serving side. You cannot get any points on the receiving side unless you win rallies that cause a side-out. During this stage, you are allowed to serve at the next stage in the game as a serving end where you can try to look for points for your team. This is a gaming system most games are not familiar with and it is only right you know them before commencing play.

All serves are underhand

Pickleball is one of the games that are played only using underhand stroke for saving. It is among the many rules of pickleball for all serve to be made by an underhand so that all strikes come from below the belt. In this case, waits level is determined by the positioning of the navel on your body, when moving the arm in an upward arc, the paddle head maintains below the waist during the strike for move to count.

Pickleballs must have 26-40 holes

Pickleball is also subject to some regulatory rules for instance in the design and size of the ball used. You will be surprised that Pickleballs have holes in them to aid with their movement. Different sports demand their balls to meet certain specifications and for pickleball sport, all balls should have 26 to 40 holes in them. Indoor balls will typically have fewer holes than the ones used for outdoor plays. There are other few factors to consider when choosing your pickleball for instance the color of the ball, its weight and the kind of plastic it is made with.

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